so it begins

A project log for Guerra de Robots (robots war) official Badge

My first attempt to make a badge, for an upcoming event of robotics in my college. each year should be one brand new ;)

RRichmondRRichmond 07/11/2018 at 21:170 Comments

so, i knew that this isn't the type of projects that will come up in one night (i wish i could do that) but rather a long and maybe painfull (in case something bad happens) process.

first things first, i need to get the board outline, but nothing is ever that smooth, so i needed to find an image of the logo of the event

then i cut, edit and modify the image, and finally import it to Solidworks (Any CAD software will do this trick) Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture

then exported as DXF, but here is the first problem, apparently when i did that it was exported with very low resolution, and i mean very low, i tried to fix it, but i couldn't make it. finally, i decided to go in the hard way, draw a lot of lines so i can approximate a curve with lines.

after that it was time for eagle, i imported the DXF file with the default ULP and it was good to go, phase 1 was completed.

then i decided to import the rest of the logo as an BMP with an ULP of eagle, so then i head back to photoshop and started to take parts away from the logo, and other things, until i was left with just the typography.

here is where I got the second problem, every time I tried to import the file, it was either too big or too small, never the right size, I was playing around with resolution, size, and preferences of the ULP, but nothing, it wasn't a big progress, again I decided to go another way, I head back to SolidWorks and started to draw the contour of the logo, so I could import the DXF file, it was a long time, but it work at the end and I could import the DXF file and everything lined up perfectly.

but now i needed to make a poligon to fill the contour of the typography, or leave it and just have a barely noticible logo, but this time i had a line to follow and this process was faster than the first time in Solidworks.

the good thing about making this badge with polygons is that the resolution is awesome, i cant say the same about the BMP ULP file of eagle, it takes more time, and i mean more, but the end result is just awesome