Material arrived and First Badge

A project log for Guerra de Robots (robots war) official Badge

My first attempt to make a badge, for an upcoming event of robotics in my college. each year should be one brand new ;)

RRichmondRRichmond 08/10/2018 at 00:370 Comments

about a week ago i got the materials and PCBs, so I thought it was gonna be a smooth ride, but due to an error in the PCB Gerber file the PCBs arrived panelized, but it didn't have the v score, so I got to use an Exacto knife and work my way around it

and I didn't buy the stencil, it was way too expensive for the amount of PCBs that was proposed to be manufactured, so i had to make a stencil, yup, it's a lot of work

after some work, it was ready, and reflow time :D yai