Problem solved

A project log for Guerra de Robots (robots war) official Badge

My first attempt to make a badge, for an upcoming event of robotics in my college. each year should be one brand new ;)

RRichmondRRichmond 08/18/2018 at 20:330 Comments

when I tried to measure the voltage across each diode in the led matrix i got nothing, at best some noise, after a while i saw that if i connected VCC to the cathode of each section of the matrix, it worked perfectly, i didn't understand why this happened.

so i decided to swap out the 595s, and replace with new ones, that i had from another project, and then it worked.

but something told me, that it wasn't that necessary, i tried again with a new board, but this time i only replace the first 595, and with that done, it worked, it seemed that the 595 I pick up first is open collector, go figure.

so with this all my problems with hardware where almost gone