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A project log for Pulse sensor to actuate a Robotic Hand

We are trying to implement a pulse sensor to actuate a 3D printed prosthesis instead of the myoelectric ones. That's a first, we think.

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 07/31/2018 at 17:060 Comments

So, to the nitty gritty.

Before everything, we want to be clear, the Myoware sensor it's great really we used to actuate the hands with it. We even made a cover for it!!!! look!

If you want to use it go ahead it is on the files section, the .stl and the original file are there if you want to upgrade it.

The problem with the sensor is one, it is not practical. It's much better than the last version with the double A batteries but still the process of put in on with the electrodes and the fact that we couldnt find locally other electrodes that worked made it really hard to work with. 

One day i was trying to get my pulse with my Samsung gear S3 and i noticed that when i moved my wirst it picked up.... so we buyed 2 pulse sensors put it on a part that doesnt have a lot of veins or arteries and it works! The part of the vascularity its very important else it will pick your pulse.

The code for the whole project its up there. If you want to modify the sensitivity just play with this conditional on the code.

if (sensorfiltrado < 500) {

If you see on the graphic the signal goes down first so thats why the conditional pick up a lesser value than.....

 Clearly this one has a lot of noise but that's the subject for another post. So as always feel free to ask us anything, it would be great on the comments not private.