Parts making cutouts.

A project log for P1 - Buddha Tape feeder

3D printable Pick and Place tape feeder for the Arcus-3D-P1.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 07/27/2018 at 01:430 Comments

I usually try to shy away from using parts to make their own cutouts in OpenSCAD. However after 2 hours of trying to find the right math to duplicate the motion, once I found it, I used it.

The red area is the lever arm part which joins the two ratchets, cutting away at the base plate. 

I toyed with using a living hinge to join the two ratchets for a long time, but they can only pull reliably, not push.. and pulling put it crossing the tape path right at the entry point.  I scrapped it.

Also finished the mounting posts for the part cover and cleaned up/added some comments to the code.   I think I'm finally ready to print again!