Abandoning Project In Favour of LISP Machine Design

A project log for R.A.V.E.N. -- A Transistorised Brainfuck Computer

[R]eduction to [A]lgorithms of [V]ersatile [E]soteric m[N]eumonics

Blair VidakovichBlair Vidakovich 06/29/2020 at 13:180 Comments

i am most likely going to begin casually constructing a discrete transistor computer of some form this week. i have been planning this since 2013.

i first started getting interested in computers again, at that time, after i got i got very sick in 2013. it seemed like a pretty cool interest area to re-explore while i was having a convalescence.

i originally designed this computer, the RAVEN, following the MENTAL- series of computers, which i thought would be simple in execution. i think it still would be, but, after studying hardware LISP machines, i am going to abandon the original plan i had for the RAVEN, and instead build the MT15 computer that is outlined by 'Deiter' here:, because it effectively /IS/ the architecture of a LISP machine.

for instance, look at the data path of the mid-to-late 1970s CADR from MIT:

...and compare it to Detier's MT15:

i am planning to take lots of photos and make lots of videos documenting, all of which will go on the fediverse, my blog, and onto my new peertube.