New Shield, New Modules and New Name!

A project log for RadioShield

Universal Arduino Wireless Shield

Jan GromeŇ°Jan GromeŇ° 02/08/2019 at 15:530 Comments

What's with the new name?

Let's get the obvious change out of the way first - the project was rebranded to RadioShield! Hopefully, this makes it more clear that the purpose of both the shield and the library is radio communication. There is also an open-source smartphone project named Kite, so admittedly, the name was pretty confusing from the very beginning. 

From now on, the hardware documentation for this project will be hosted at and the software at

Hardware Revision C

Along with the name change, there's also the newest hardware revision! This one was marked by a shift in the overall design philosophy - instead of supporting 3.3V and 5V wireless modules, only 3.3V modules are now supported (all wireless modules intended to be used with RadioShield are 3.3V anyway). In exchange for that, RadioShield now supports 3.3V and 5V Arduino boards!

Also, rev. C is much cheaper to make than the previous revisions and features improved compatibility with Arduino boards like Mega! There were also changes to the layout of module breakout boards - instead of mounting the module from the top, it's now mounted from the bottom. Not only this protects the modules from the outside environment, it also leaves the top side exposed for antenna connectors and LED indicators!

New modules

3 new modules were added to the project:

Hardware for all of them is assembled, and software is currently under development.

In conclusion, RadioShield is now cheaper, better and more universal than ever before!