Success with stepper motors and interface

A project log for XYZ Davinci Mini Maker Hack

I am replacing the motherboard of a Davinci mini maker with a ramps 1.4 and programming it with marlin.

nschreiber0813nschreiber0813 07/24/2018 at 23:140 Comments

So I have configured some code in order to test this without a computer or custom code to get it to drive. The LCD display is working and so is the ramps 1.4.

The endstops do not work with marlin so right now I have the endstops inverted so they will not be detected while I am testing out all the axis on the printer.  This will change as I find a way to replace the endstops with mechanical ones. Only mechanical ones work with marlin for whatever reason.

Right now I have also replaced the Z axis stepper motor with a different motor that is not at all identical. I had to re-drill the stepper motor holes to make them bigger to fit a new stepper motor that was a nema 17 unlike the old stepper motor. The old stepper motor had some of the dimensions of a nema 17 motor but it was enough to mount a new stepper motor into it.

The new stepper motor had a few problems. It had six wires where the motor driver only had 4. I had to figure out which two wires I could live without with a multimeter.