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The setting up of a (largely) hand-tool woodworking workshop based on selected engineering methodologies.

Charles LambCharles Lamb 07/30/2018 at 14:220 Comments

Human factors continued | Accessibility bands

Like with the zones, the areas for best accessibility are in front of me within an arc angle from left to right of approximately 135°.  I’ve just guestimated this by waving my hands around holding a few tools (drill and metal rule).  I’ll need to revisit all this once I’ve read up on some human factors research. 

For height, I’ve identified three bands of decreasing accessiblity.  Band 1 is easy to access, Band 2 is moderately easy, while Band 3 is a little more difficult.  Unfortunately, my workshop ceiling, bonnie as she is, is fairly low (at just 1900ml high).  This really restricts the height of Band 1 from that point down and also means that I don’t have any Bands above that point (unlike in my garage).  Again, waving around some tools (this time including heavier items like my plunge router) I’ve come up with the following bands:

Band 1Just above bench height up to just above head height.  For me, this equates to 800–1900mm from the floor.
Band 2From 400–800mm from the floor.
Band 3From the base of the unit/cabinet/shelf/trolley up to 400mm upwards.