8088 Homebrew Computer

This is an 8088 homebrew computer I'm building on a breadboard, with a simple command line.

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This is an 8088 homebrew computer that I'm building, which runs at a 4.77 MHz clock speed.

Currently, it has:
- 8088-2 (max of 8 MHz, but running at 4.77 MHz)
- 384 KB of SRAM (AS6C1008-55PCN x3)
- 128 KB EEPROM (AT29C010A [PLCC32 for flavor])
- 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface
- 8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller
- VT82C42N PS/2 keyboard/mouse controller
- AMC2004A 20x4 LCD display

I am still adding on to this computer, and I will provide updates as it progresses.

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