What's tested on our current prototype?

A project log for Xtencion

An intelligent wrist wear that has unparalleled functionality, improves user's productivity and provides better control over smartwatches.

Chirag Mahaveer ParmarChirag Mahaveer Parmar 07/30/2018 at 07:050 Comments
  1. Swipe control
  2. Wrist control
  3. Controlling IoT devices
  4. Different smartwatch modes
    1. Watch mode(Default)
    2. Music mode
      1. wrist control of song selection
      2. playing the song using a short swipe
    3. SOS mode
      1. Short swipe to send a SOS message
    4. Xtencion Mode
      1. book a cab or switch off your lights based on time and location
      2. just a short swipe to do that