Two-wheeled Self-balancing Human Carrier

A two-wheeled, Segway-like, machine that can carry human load and works on the principle of inverted pendulum.

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The vehicle is based on the model of Segway. The rider leans in the direction they want to move. Balancing the platform such that the rider does not fall off of it and the vehicle keeps moving, is the tricky part.

Following are the electronic components that I used:

Two DC motors
Two 12V 12Ah Lead Batteries
IMU 300 6DOF Combo Board, with built-in 3-axis ADXL345 accelerometer and 3-axis ITG3200 Gyroscope
AVR atmega328p microcontroller
Two BTS7960B motor drivers

I contacted a mechanical workshop for mechanical assembly of the hardware. Platform was made using a plywood coated with chequered aluminium. A 3 feet steel pipe was used for handle. I attached a potentiometer at the bottom of the handle such that it rotates with the handle. This technique was used to control the direction of the vehicle while the speed of the machine is controlled by using PID technique.
  • 2 × Lead Batteries 12V 12Ah
  • 2 × DC motors Commonly used in electric scooters
  • 2 × BTS7960B Motor Drivers
  • 1 × IMU 6DOF Digital Combo Board 300 With buit-in 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
  • 1 × Atmega328p avr

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