7/30 - Initial Module CAD Models

A project log for Modular USB Hotkey Controller

Programmable USB controller modules for gaming, CAD modeling, video editing, and more

cole-bCole B 08/02/2018 at 20:530 Comments

Over the weekend team members worked on creating mock-ups of ideas for the base module design. We decided to connect the modules using a custom built magnetic connector.

Today we created our final template design. We chose to do a variation on the design with the inset wood top that used an aluminum strip around a plastic body rather than a milled aluminum body. This will make the design much easier to build. We also decided to base the modules on a 3"x3" grid system that will allow for 2 rows of modules.

Once the template was complete, we began creating models for the individual modules. Each module uses a unique wood top that is laser cut specifically for mounting that module's components. All other parts are identical to the template.