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A project log for Mini Tracker

A device that can send a position, u can use this for track people, pets, cars...

Raúl LunaRaúl Luna 09/26/2018 at 00:170 Comments

I've been thinking about the applications for this, the only purpose of this device are track things so, if I need to track my bicycle or my car or whatever that can be placed with magnets, for that application we need a box with magnets.

for that reason I started to design this little case with magnets for the square inch tracker

I can send to the 3d printer the case and the device looks like this:

top and base are separated


this is the bottom view of the case, you can see the space for the magnets and the holes for 4 screws that closes the lid from bottom

I will use this magnets and 4 screws as shown in the picture, I don't know yet what screws and nuts I could use for the magnets.

Maybe tomorrow I can design a case for a leash so I can use with my dog or my cat... better the dog.