With the transformer from old computer PSU. I try to make 12V 10A ( SMPS ) at home. I use SprintLayout for make PCB and iron method for make PCB board. In this video you can see me windings the SMPS transformer

Step 1: Design the PCB

I use SprintLayout one of Rusia electric software for design PCB and print it to calendar paper. I always use calendar paper for print PCB because it cheap and good quality

Step 2: Make a PCB by Iron (press) Method

The first we need to cut the PCB exactly the PCB we print on calendar paper. After that we use the iron press to the PCB about 5 minute at maximum temperature

Step 3: Complete Make PCB

We put the PCB into water about 5 minute. After that we take the paper out and put it to FeCl3 liquid for 15 minute or more...then put to water again and clean it.

Because make the PCB take alot of time so for easy you can make PCB online. I usualy make PCB online by upload the gerber file to https://jlcpcb.com/m for get PCB only 2$ for 10PCB. All file of my project include gerber file below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UjW-VHvbHSNWNfw00ue3HTzWt3pBR8py/view

Step 4: Drill PCB and Solder Component

Make the hole for PCB and solder component. I had attach the layout picture you just put the component to exact position.

List of component below.

List of component below.Your can order online them from LCSC.COM

Fuse 5A https://bit.ly/2F8Gvmy

Capacitor 275/250V https://bit.ly/2P2vKad

AC filter https://bit.ly/2SIc6hE

Brigde diode RS507 https://bit.ly/2AHtLz4

Resistor 150K https://bit.ly/2JxTcWD

Cacpacitor 150uF/450V https://bit.ly/2ziFjXC

MF275 5D9 https://bit.ly/2P6KNiU

Resistor (27k )33K/2W https://bit.ly/2RwonVc

Mosfet 20N60 x2 https://bit.ly/2SCssst

Resistor 27ohm X2 https://bit.ly/2Rt2INF

Capacitor 224/100V https://bit.ly/2Om5S3Y

Diode UF4007 https://bit.ly/2yLNSek

Diode 1N4007 https://bit.ly/2zpXcno

Diode MBR20100 https://bit.ly/2F8HXp0

IR2153 https://bit.ly/2AHuwbo

Resistor 15K https://bit.ly/2EZwYhF

Capacitor 102 https://bit.ly/2QeOhN7

Capacitor 100uF/16V https://bit.ly/2PDOfkw

Capacitor 105/600V https://bit.ly/2yNRP1T

Resistor 4K7 https://bit.ly/2yM5CGv

Led 5mm https://bit.ly/2P31o7s

Resistor 2k2/2W https://bit.ly/2RwQNP0

Capacitor 2200uF/50V https://bit.ly/2AHcNkD

Choke and transformer heatsink we can take from old computer PSU

The Transfomer we need windings modify.

Step 5: Take Out the Old Wire From Transformer and Rewindings

Step 6: Solder Transformer and First Test

Solder the transformer and test the circuit. In the first test we must connect with 60w/220v light bulb before plug to 220V. If the circuit fail the light bulb will on and we safety