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Fabien-ChouteauFabien-Chouteau 10/21/2018 at 18:270 Comments

So the Noise Nugget is in final of the 2018 Hackaday Prize! That is amazing and I am very honored that my project was chosen.

I have a few ideas for the future of Noise Nugget. One of them is having a GUI that let the users to build their sounds with basic modules such as oscillators, filters, effects, etc. Similar to the teensy audio tools but in real-time, without any code involved for the users. This could make an interesting and versatile tiny synthesizer.

Noise Nugget is also a way for me to try some hardware design for another project: Wee Noise Maker. Because Noise Nugget is smaller, it cost less to have it manufactured so this allowed me to try different things before using them on a bigger project. For instance, this is my first 4 layers PCB. So I will probably use some of the prize reward to do a new iteration on the Wee Noise Maker project.