Completion of Logic Operations board

A project log for ECM-16/TTL homebrew computer

16 bit Computer made from ttl logic chips

PavelPavel 02/12/2021 at 10:270 Comments

The Logic board is complete. It has two 16-pin inputs and four 16-pin outputs.

Following operations are performed by the board:

1: AND (A,B);

2: OR (A,B);

3: XOR (A,B);

4: NOT (A);

Inputs and outputs are going through 20-pin IDC connectors, with lines assigned as per following layout:

Ground and Vcc lines are used for powering passive control and indicator boards, for testing purposes. Otherwise these lines are non-functional.

Next are 5 small boards, 2 of them will connect the adder boards and add IDC connector to them, and 3 boards which will be a makeshift control panel to assess the functioning of big boards. The Vcc and Ground lines in connector layout are made specifically to support the little boards.


This is how the Logic Operations board looks like: