• 3D Printed Enclosure!

    Hylian09/30/2018 at 05:45 0 comments

    I created a 3D printed enclosure in OpenSCAD for mounting the LEDs above my bed. It has 4mm mounting holes for a laser cut matte acrylic cover.

    Source files can be found here: https://github.com/Hylian/Star-LED-Enclosure

  • First test

    Hylian08/21/2018 at 05:01 0 comments

    First test of the light setup! LEDs are all driven in series hooked up to a cheapo 700mA constant current driver and a 31V power supply I found at the swapfest. To emulate a Hue bulb, I'm using a Mesh Bee with firmware from PeeVeeOne. It outputs a PWM signal that's used to dim the lights. The PWM input on the driver is actually active low, and I didn't have much luck attempting to compile the firmware myself, as the NXP SDK has been updated and introduced some incompatibilities to the build, which require mucking around with some visual block based interface. For now, I just stuck a hex inverter on the output.