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A project log for Persistence of Vision LED Matrix

Because every project needs a twist.

Matthew James BellafaireMatthew James Bellafaire 01/20/2019 at 21:450 Comments

I lost some interest in this project for a little while (mostly because I had another one that seemed more interesting at the time) but I'm back! there were some small hurdles to overcome here and a lot of larger ones. From the last log I've taken the checklist of things to complete and crossed off all of them that have been achieved:

So... yeah, a lot happened, as a result this log is going to be split up into 4 logs with the other logs covering the mechanical, hardware, and software changes that have been made to the project. 

Anyone who's been reading through this project from the beginning knows that I've already created a java program that simplifies the animation making. Suffice it to say the micro controllers code has changed so drastically that the original one will just have to be scrapped.

But with all that said, here is the circle test demo used before recreated on the project with the new modifications: 

a lot of flashing in this video, so heads up now, also the video is somewhat loud

compared to where the project was last month, there is a lot of improvement. See you in the following logs!