Happy Prosthetic Electronics

A project log for Musical Prosthetics

Interactive wearable sculptures which translate the wearers body movements into sound.

Kate ReedKate Reed 08/28/2018 at 16:350 Comments

For the happy prosthetic, I am inspired by the motion of a hoola-hoop. Each of the petals will bounce as the wearer moves as if playing with a hoola-hoop. I will capture this movement with a Hall Effect Sensor, which is a magnet sensor. This digital sensor can sense and react to magnetic fields and will change when a magnet is near it. I decided to go with the non-latching hull sensor instead of the latching hull sensor, because the non-latching reacts to just the presence of a magnetic field, as opposed to being influenced by the north or south end of a magnetic field.

My vision for the sensors is that there will be a magnet on each of the petals, and a hull sensor somewhere on the wearer, either directly on their body, or on a second ring holding the sensors. The petals will rest on the body and when the petals move because the wearer is moving, the hull sensors will trigger a pre-recorded sound, such as bells ringing or the sound of a thumb piano. This prosthetic is different than the other prosthetics in that it works much more like a piano. Each petal has one sound activated by moving that particular petal.