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A project log for LZRTag - Flexible DIY Lasertag

An easy to build, program, modify and use AVR and ESP based Lasertag system for everyone!

XasinXasin 08/28/2019 at 09:380 Comments

Whew... It's been a while, hasn't it! 

Don't worry, I never left this project alone - but taking breaks and getting a bit of variation in is healthy and fun, and I got to say, it was great working on the DSKorder and a small Hovercraft and stuff. 

However, I've been idly collecting ideas, changes and improvements that I've been wanting to implement, and more importantly: I want to document the entire process, from soldering the hardware to setting up the Webserver.

It would be good practice for me, and helpful for anyone wanting to take inspiration or make their own sets. 

So, what's planned for Revision 3.2:

There's a lot for sure, and I'll be chewing down on things over the next few months. In summary:

I'm really looking forward to this work, especially since I'll make sure it's well documented and reproducible for any guys here. 

I'll also post updates on hardware and software here, so you can review it. The more eyes the better, since we all make small mistakes ^^'