VSTiBoard materials

A project log for VSTiBox

VSTiBox is a synthesizer for hosting VST software synths.

Jan BertJan Bert 10/18/2018 at 19:150 Comments

The VSTiBox is made of acrylic and multiplex. For the VSTiBoard I'd like to experiment with some new materials that I have never used before. The backside and panels above and below the Beatsteps will probably made out of thin multiplex covered in Tolex. This is the material that is used to build guitar amplifiers. I have ordered six samples to judge their look and feel. The last two samples in the row are what you typically find on the guitar amplifiers. I have chosen the first one in the row with the carbon look.

For the wooden side-panels I'd like to use black American walnut. There is a fantastic woodshop in the big city I live in. The place is really nice to look around, and see all kinds of exotic wood. I have to get back there once my drawings are finalized. I’m not a woodworker so I am in doubt if I should hire a professional woodworker to machine the parts according to my drawings.