The NUCLEUS Eurorack Module

A project log for The Nucleus System

A Eurorack hardware module with digital flexibility.

Johan BilénJohan Bilén 02/04/2020 at 17:230 Comments

The Chameleon System enters a new Phase.
First, a name change, Chameleon is now Nucleus.

I have made the decision to change the way the Nucleuii communicate, from UART to Controlled Voltage as per the Doepfer Eurorack Standard.

The reasons are:

1. Pin count. Since a digital transmission only happens at the moment it is sent and received I had to put a digital check connection on the inputs so that the software knew when a cable was present or not present which is not necessary with analog signals. So this frees up four digital inputs.

2. Data I/O. The Audio Adaptor used by the audio software files uses one of the four UARTS I/O, this meant that for modules with audio processing it was only possible to use three I/O. By using CV instead I can have four I/O whether or not an Audio Adaptor in installed in the module.

3. Commercial reasons. My aim was to make users able to integrate Nucleuii Modules into their existing modular setups. By using a proprietary protocol, however good, I'm limiting the chances of marketing the product.

Communication will be:

Gate Input: 3.3V (5V max)
Gate Output: 3.3V
Controlled Voltage Out: 0-4.3V
Controlled Voltage In: 0-4.3V