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A one-handed portable synthesizer from the future

kenneth-marutKenneth Marut 10/22/2018 at 07:090 Comments

Hey everyone!

With the deadline being tomorrow for the Hackaday Prize Finals, I've been putting the final touches on my submission. Over the past couple days, I've buckled down and cranked out a cool desktop app that I'm happy with. I developed it using Processing 3, which I've grown very fond of. The app connects to the device over USB and allows you to adjust and tweak the preset sounds stored in the 4 banks. It also opens up the ability to play with the low pass filter and LFO, which are disabled in standalone mode. The app affects the device in real-time, so you can hear the sound adjustments immediately. I'll be uploading a video showing how it works in a little bit.

Although I could've just created a bare-bones UI, I decided to put quite a bit of time and effort into the aesthetics. I really wanted to compliment the cyber-punkyness of the device and give the whole system a coherent theme. I also seriously needed a break from coding every now and then. I'm pretty happy with my pixelated loading screen (which was definitely inspired by Teenage Engineering's website), also shoutout to my cousin Justin for the translation.

That being said, the app still needs some work and is far from perfect. I have a long list of to-dos and cleanup which I'll hopefully get to soon. I'm still lacking a permanent parameter saving feature as the device currently looses all changes on reset (I was thinking of using the built-in SD slot on the audio shield for this). I also want to spend some time rethinking the animations on the 8x8 display. I would really like them to be more dynamic and to be more reactive to everything that's going on. I've had some ideas, but 64 pixels isn't all that much to work with (I guess that's what makes it fun though).