The recent 'plastic bag ban' which saw legislation introduced prohibiting the sale of single use plastic bags across various states in Australia has caused conflicting messaging and frustration by shoppers, and has generally been dealt with in a uninspired way.

Some of the striking imagery used to describe the problem with plastic bags resonated with our Digital Media students: "A single bag floating in the ocean can be easily mistaken as a jellyfish by various marine life". The general takeaway of the "ban" has been restriction, rather than inspiration for change.

The Digital Media students at Billy Blue College of Design in Brisbane created the large-scale, interactive installation 'Beyond the Deep'which focused on disruptive messaging, and creates a beautiful visual spectacle from dangerous and unwanted materials.

The repercussions on local businesses of the ban have been to dispose of the no longer necessary plastic bags, and the students have found a way to intercept their final destination and use these materials as the skin of the installation.

By connecting the bags with jellyfish conceptually, the lasting memory is their interchangeability and similarity. The installation is a launchpad for conversations to occur around the sustainability issues present in our cities.