Lessons learned from first prototype

A project log for Wooden Pi Handheld

Pi handheld in a custom wooden case

Josh BaumgardnerJosh Baumgardner 09/19/2018 at 18:130 Comments

Realized too late that the design for the "keyboard" required the Pi Zero to be upside down, also putting the power breakout board on top of the stack was a bad move - made accessing the SD card difficult. 

Redesigning the board to be in one piece and have the Pi oriented properly, also breaking out the power pins on the keyboard to eliminate having to use a separate board for power connections.   

Also need to tweak the screen size on the case model to better fit the viewable area. may also modify the back case to accommodate a regular sized USB port so that peripherals can be connected more easily. This would reduce confusion  on which of the two ports is the charge port and prevent accidentally powering up the Pi through the data port.