PS4 Case

PS4 (Playstation) and screen built into a briefcase...

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Not much of a project description, just a few pictures and designs available in GitHub.
I've built my PS4 into this briefcase and added a screen to it and tucked everything away behind some laser cut acrylic.
You can still attach an external screen (TV) when you're not on the road and find that the 13" display is a bit too small ;-)
There is a connector for ethernet and USB as well.
The whole thing weighs about 9 KG, so it's portable (although you need a power outlet) but not for a long time (unless you work out a lot).

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Mike Szczys wrote 11/26/2018 at 17:28 point

The project came out great! Are these called "cash cases"? It brings a great look and seems to have plenty of room for everything. Does this run on battery power or need to be plugged in?

I'd be interested in hearing about the build itself. Will you tell the story of putting this one together?

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Ruud van Falier wrote 11/27/2018 at 08:45 point

HI Mike, this is the case I used:
It's basically a carrying case for tools.

It doesn't run on battery power, power consumption for PS4 (+ screen) is way too high for that unfortunately. A power cord is attached to the back of the case to connect it to an outlet.

I'd love to write a bit more about the project, but RL is busy at the moment so it will have to wait!

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