The Ascii to Morse Code generator is working

A project log for Making music with relay chatter

One of the Hackaday 2018 entries is to make a musical instrument of sorts and I thought of the sounder used by Morse Code operators

boelens-lelandBoelens, Leland 09/30/2018 at 07:100 Comments

The program reads an ASCII character string array.

The ASCII is tested for being in the range of 0x20 to 0x7F.  Any character not a Morse code character will be flagged as a no code and will be skipped.

The ASCII is used as a pointer to the data byte that holds the Morse code.

The Morse code is then output to the relay for a dit and a dah, but the PWM outputs have a dit output and another a dah output.

I managed to use one byte of data to contain 1 to 6 bits of Morse code, and a 3 bit register to contain the number of bits of Morse code contained in this byte.

I am still working on the final mix of output activity for the final performance but I am leaning toward a relay, with possibly one or more piezo sound devices.