ViReX-E | Gaming while Gaining

This is the project for the completion of our Computer Engineering Design Thesis. The prototype is finished! [03/05/3019]

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Virtual Reality is being developed and implemented in many environments, albeit not too popular to the society as we expected when we saw Sword Art Online and other Virtual Reality-induced anime or shows that looked awesome if it were real. Using this, we develop 'ViReXE', the [ Virtual Reality Exercise Equipment ]. In this project, we combined the concept of being able to enjoy gaming at the same time giving benefits to the Users body. ViReXE consists the Treadmill, Leg Trackers, User Tracker, and Virtual Reality Headset. The Treadmill is programmed to move in sync with the Leg Trackers. Whenever the User walks forward, the Treadmill will start to move in the opposite direction, creating the illusion of the User being able to walk in place.

We got this idea mostly from the Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill, wherein you wear the VR Headset and move around the environment in place. It's foot trackers are programmed to send data whenever the leg of the user is moving Omnidirectionally.

If you like to check it out, here's the Youtube video from SmarterEveryday who visited Infinadeck to check out the thing :

We also saw the "Virtual Reality on Raspberry Pi With BeYourHero!" wherein jeanotP1314 from Instructables used Raspberry Pi to immerse the User in a Virtual Reality environment where you can use avatars as your Virtual Reality Body. The microcontroller was used to process the program, graphics, and controllers using several sensors connected in network. If you wanna check it out go to : .

By focusing on only forward and reversed direction movement, we introduce to you our ViReX-E, the Virtual Reality Exercise Equipment. The project will use a smartphone to display and process the game, wherein the game will be controlled by the foot trackers where forward movement will be observed. The movement detected by the foot trackers will be sent to the phone as controls to the game, and to the treadmill which will move opposite of the direction of the foot trackers to emulate the feeling of being able to walk in place.

The Virtual Reality Headset we will use is a cheap VR Headset used to carry Smartphones and run the Google Cardboard Applications or any kind of VR Applications built to run on Android Platform.

Additionally, our demo game, "ViReX-E | Plug and Run!" will be developed using the Unity Engine, and will be run by our Smartphone.

We will use an Arduino Mega 2560 as the main microcontroller used to communicate with the Smartphone and the Foot Trackers. Using an HC-05 bluetooth module, we communicate with the phone the movement of the User, which will be received by the Mega using another module, the nRF24L01 Module, sent from the two Foot Trackers. The Foot Trackers will also use nRF24L01 and will use an AtMega328p as the microcontroller. An Accelerometer and Gyroscope in one module, MPU6050, will be used to detect forward movements. This will be connected to the AtMega328p.

And now here we come, to March 4, 2019. After a lot of struggles we faced, we ended up finishing the project. If you remember, we included multiple features that are now deprecated.

For 16 weeks, we are only able to work 2 days a week (My other groupmates are absent during sunday), meaning we only have 32 days or 1 month, not to mention the non ending torture of other subjects. We had the least time to spare for the project and the deprecated features are:

    -The backward movement : This features requires an H-Bridge IGBT, which is a subject we least know. We needed to use the existing

.... Work in progress. This will be edited later, as well as the pictures of the project and the documentation.

  • 1 × DC Motorized Treadmill (Product not Decided) The main device of this project used for exercise.
  • 1 × SHINECON Virtual Reality Glasses Used to hold the Smartphone in place.
  • 2 × MPU-6050 Accelerometer & Gyroscope Module Sensor used to detect forward and backward movement.
  • 1 × HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module Sensor used to detect the User when above the Treadmill.
  • 1 × L293d H-Bridge Motor Speed Controller Used to control the speed of the motor.

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