A musical composition

A project log for Hacking Nature’s Musicians

An artistic ecosystem of analog electronic sound generators

Kelly HeatonKelly Heaton 10/05/2018 at 01:050 Comments

While my project is far from over, I'd like to recap what I've covered thus far and offer you a little musical composition. As evidenced by this video, most of my circuit designs have yet to leave the breadboard -- that is work for the coming weeks (and months, as I layout many different artistic PCB designs for sculptural ecosystems). Still, you can see the following ideas that I've discussed in previous logs:

-- a variety of "animal circuits," aka analog electronic sound generators inspired by the nocturnal soundscape of rural Virginia

-- "Mother Nature Board," aka a discrete component random pulse generator for naturalistic sequencing of animal circuits

-- home-brewed piezo electric speakers, including some hacks like stuffing cotton into the speaker housing to muffle the sound

-- a painterly frog with a croaking circuit built in

I hope you've enjoyed my content thus far. Stay tuned for updates as I build a sculptural "electrolier" of the night in rural Virginia, as well as entirely new animal circuits based on my experience of the Mayan jungle. I've launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance electronic supplies for hacking nature's musicians in Akumal, Mexico. If you're interested to support me in this endeavor, please visit Thanks so much!