Dream Device 2.0!

A project log for Dr. Hallard's Dream Transmission Box

A custom puzzle box created for an original party game.

thomas.mestonthomas.meston 01/01/2019 at 05:260 Comments

The box was so successful that it was requested to be used in an immersive, theatrical puzzle show involving escape room elements as well as live actors.

The box by itself was a little underwhelming for the show, so we found an old Korean karaoke machine from the 80s. We gutted it, painted it, installed LED strip lights and placed the radio inside of the top compartment.

New additions:

- Korean karaoke machine circa 1980s (as an enclosure for the box)

- Laser light boxes (blue and red) x 2

- added an additional 12v relay

Depending on which final code is entered, one of the two lasers with trigger (red or blue) as well as the smoke machine hidden in the bottom compartment.