TAPR DCC Submission and New Results

A project log for QMesh: A LoRa-based Voice Mesh Network

Developing a synchronized, flooded mesh network to carry codec2-encoded voice over LoRa

Dan FayDan Fay 08/16/2020 at 14:350 Comments

Just submitted a paper about QMesh to TAPR DCC ( 

As part of this paper, I tested the packet receive rate (PRR) when two and three nodes are retransmitting. When I use Reed-Solomon-Viterbi (RSV) forward error correction, I'm seeing 99% PRR's. I believe that these results are real, since when I turn off FEC, I instead get 93% (for two retransmitting nodes) and 90% (for three retransmitting nodes). Moreover, this setup is a worst-case scenario where the antennas are right next to each other and are separated by a quarter wavelength. Real-world situations should be less challenging than this, so this is a very good sign.

At this point, *knocks on wood* the underlying protocol is sufficiently reliable that it's ready to handle streaming voice.