Creating a UV resin oven from a portable grocery bag

A project log for Collapsible UV LED Lamp + Resin Oven

This tutorial goes over the making of a collapsible UV light, made from UV LED strips, and a flexible-but-rigid foil + air backer.

audreyobscuraaudreyobscura 09/14/2020 at 04:490 Comments

Tools and Materials for this version of a collapsible UV resin oven

Creating the power pack

To modify this insulated grocery bag to be a portable resin oven, it needed a pocket to hold the battery pack and tools.

I had some heavy weight denim from an old pair of pants that got the chop and cut off a small piece, hand sewing a pocket between the two strap lines and along the base of the bag.

Using a leather needle helps punch through the weird textile and insulation material with it's razor edges.

Plumbing the UV LED strips

Once the power pocket was in place, I prepped the surface of the insulating mylar with a quick alcohol wipe and laid down blue masking tape along the areas that would hold LED strips. 

I squished the LED strips into the tape deeply to make sure the backing adhesive was properly stuck in place.

I also made sure that once the LED strips were secured on the the tape with the adhesive backing that came on the LED strip that the bag would still be completely collapsible. 

With the support of a rubber grommet, I made a small hole in the pocket part that had been sewn in to the bag, and threaded through an M-sized barrel power connector. 

The LED UV light strips are wired in parallel. I cheated slightly and used quick-connecting wire junctions to route the wires to two PCB clusters in the front corners of the bag. Forthcoming video will have more examples of the wiring. 

Each corner has a loop stitch to hold the wires in place to prevent them from getting bend or moved during handling or use. 

Sealing circuits

A long time ago, when I was working with Amanda Ghassaei at Instructables, I watched Amanda slather a circuit in hot glue to prevent it from shorting, but still be more accessible than say, epoxy, in case you need to diagnose a problem.  

The top cluster is the ground line of power, and the bottom cluster is 12V+

Finished Collapsible UV resin Oven from a Grocery Bag

Here's the finihsed grocery bag turned resin oven on my bench top!

The battery pack is in the front pocket, and it has almost zero light leaks, so excited for how well this came out, and how self-contained it is. 

Here's some photos of the bag giving off sinister energy with the lights off in the workshop.

A future log post will include testing of this lamp with resin! Thanks for reading - please let me know in the comments if anything could be made clearer and I can make some revisions.