Hector goes to 35C3

A project log for Hector 9000

Fancy barbot with lots of needless features and ...of course... WiFi and a bunch of blinky LEDs

CadmiumCadmium 12/11/2018 at 19:490 Comments

We would like to share our work and experience with this project in real life.

So we decided to bring Hector to 35C3 and hope that we will meet some nice people there to discuss, tinker and developing new ideas for insane software and hardware extensions.

At the moment we are preparing Hector for the transport from Ruhrpott to Leipzig. To get Hector there in one piece, we built a flight case:

To use the volume of the case as efficient as possible, we also made two additional cases for accessories and tools.

The cases have small holes in the bottom which are fitting to wooden pins in the lid of the big case. After the cases are positioned in the lid, they are fastened with straps.

By the way, to get an idea of the size: Hectors dimensions are about 100cm x 45cm x 70cm; the weight (without case) is about 16kg.

We are looking forward to see you at the 35C3!