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A project log for The well-tempered chaos sequencer

A mechanical chaos musical instrument based on the intuitive visual relationships between musical structures and generic chaos

3mrrrx3mrrrx 10/05/2018 at 00:550 Comments

Don't panic! They are all probably useful!

At the current state of developing the board there are 4 versions on github repository. Each of these versions is based on a different configuration of the board's peripherals. All of the versions are valid. 

The evolution of each version can be see using the following steps:

-version 1:  simple Board with no mechanics or electronics
-version 2: added fan funnels and tubing for automatic return of the bearing balls using air pressure
-version 3: added mechanical driven spiral to propagate the bearing balls
-version 4: add the slops for moving the bearing balls better.

All versions will be consolidated in a single parametric model, once the rest of the electronics and mechanics are fully developed.