New modules and additional updates:

A project log for Geometer

A Holistic Design Tool for Creating, Communicating and Manufacturing Advanced Human-Scale Forms for Design Pioneers and Producers

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 11/15/2018 at 20:590 Comments

This update:

-Material choices

-New set of modules from cube, and exploring L systems.

-Working jog and twist components

-Continued VR explorations

-3D print batch on its way, manually arranged for group print.

-Updated files (sld and STL)


-Due to the duration of this project, Jason and I (David) have decided to focus on two materials; mycelium and cast resin. Choosing these two materials gives us time to do simulation work and mold optimization and opens up the possibility of two module types, one which is used for designing (resin) and a set for “manufacturing” which would be open ended module molds to be filled with mycelium. We feel fairly confident with our material choices. Part of the reason we are making documentation open source is so that others may optimize module sets to a different material; say metal or carbon fiber, etc. Assuming connection types and general geometry are similar they would be compatible.

-A new set of modules has been developed, backwards compatible with earlier sets. (this is set 4) it contains modules derived from a Voronoi 3D pattern cube and dissected with normals from central node to half of each arm. Corrected jog and twist components have been included. The models do not have name designations assigned or imprinted currently and are in archive root parasolid and 3dm. Sld and stl are functional, with a later upload in OBJ. This set is still considered experimental and is intended to be used with other sets.

-Investigations into L systems have yielded a new set of possible components, but these have not been generated yet for functional use in Geometer.

-We continue to us VR, specifically Gravity Sketch to do digital form finding and experiment with our modules. We are currently trying to develop and ascertain a style, an organization and common trait of this design workflow. To this end we hope to develop an aspiration model which inspires other to explore geometers capabilities.

-A physical test batch for module set 4 at .25 scale is due to be printed soon and will take 26 hours on a Form 2.

-Look for batch 4 in the downloads section, an updated file containing OBJ files for VR work will be uploaded shortly.

-We have had multiple presentations in front of the senior Industrial Design class at Jefferson University and have been met with positive feedback. We are also looking for advisers and collaborators so are conducting one on one meetings. As always, we welcome outside commentary and ideas of any kind. This presentation in a slightly modified format is included with set four and is our current methodology in communicating project intent.