Beginnings of module set 5

A project log for Geometer

A Holistic Design Tool for Creating, Communicating and Manufacturing Advanced Human-Scale Forms for Design Pioneers and Producers

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 01/22/2019 at 02:020 Comments
The product of new patterns has yielded a set with partial symmetry on one axis and a low yield of modules, we are currently confirming that we can make a simple mold form which will produce the above, most complicated module in the set. If so we will move on to preliminary form finding and labeling for existing system compatibility.

This set has a much more dense overall point cloud, this means that higher resolution models will be possible and a greater probability of a stable structure within a given space. Ultimately we can put more material in the same area, the question is whether this causes other issues with alignment down the line.

This set looks like it will yield 14 or 15 workable modules for testing.

We have decided that we will stick with 1" thickness for now for backwards compatibility.

We have also decided that we will be trying to use concrete, resin, mycelium and brushed aluminum (cast wax and then melt out) as our example materials and tests. This gives us a reasonable amount of security to move forward and make sure documentation and renderings are more or less uniform.

The next batch of mycelium growth is delayed, we need to figure out lab testing standards, make testing molds, decide on basic formulations, decide on next levels/textures of our mycelium and harvest some additional trial wild samples. Right now we would waste a lot of material for lack of molds.