Module set 6

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David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 02/27/2019 at 01:160 Comments

After logging some more time in Mindesk we came to the conclusion that module set five is still extremely difficult to use.

This is definitely a setback, but each module set seems to get us deeper insights into how to approach such a system. Comparatively, set five had serious benefits over previous iterations. The resulting forms were definitely exotic, unfortunately despite complex branching systems resulting they were all single chain. That is, we had long strings of modules but not interdependent connections required for strength. This is easier to show than tell but our screen capture software was paywalled (Arghhh!!!)

Either way, this lack of interconnections seems to really just stem from non uniform arm lengths, of which there were many in set five. The spreadsheet was far from pretty.


So we took a step back and determined that the next set should consist of only two arm lengths; three and six inches and that these should probably not be mixed. Instead, the assumption will be that any three inch arm based module can be converted into a full blown, all six inch armed module using module "A" (3" straight) as an adapter or to make a hybrid. This will probably make more sense visually when the module are actually produced.

Second, we want to limit the angles arms can go in. The exact angles we will use are undecided at this time, but should be resolved after our next review.

Considering the above factors its easy to realize that we might be drifting from a more organic form language to something more grid based more similar to our early sets. Only the actual production of this module set will reveal this aspect.

The last goal of set six is to automate the initial production more, in theory it would be nice if it was possible to run it though an iterative solver to find every possible solution set (all possible modules within constraints.) So this set will be built in Grasshopper with manual controls and ease of export at the forefront.

Sorry for this post being mostly words, the next will have a lot more pretty pictures.