Project Log #10 : Production Day #2


Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

levixzjunholevixzjunho 12/05/2018 at 12:360 Comments

Thursday  :: 22th November, 2018.

This week and next week we are planning to finish 70% to have a beta test for our project, and so on, our we are planned to use 3D print to make a support for our mechanism, because we think that if our mechanism is giving people to Whac/hit so we think it is a must to have a support hiding inside our mechanism. 

So when we finish the 3D support file, also we suddenly have a idea to save all the material, why don't we use the wood that people do not want anyone to make it because a supporter? so we change our plan to wood instead of 3D print, and also this way can save our time, and also material. We start doing the Ai file for our supporter, and using laser cut to cut out.

Afterthat, we using white glue to glue the wood that we have cut. and we went out to Sunway Pyramid's Daiso to buy magnet. The magnet is for the base and the side that we can separate both of them, so in the future is more easier when something went wrong inside the mechanism.

Back to work, we glue the magnet into the wood, we while waiting the glue to dry, we start looking back to the code, and and make improvement. 

What to do next: