Project Log #14 : Final Working Day #3 + Submission Day #2


Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

levixzjunholevixzjunho 12/18/2018 at 15:480 Comments

Tuesday  :: 18th December, 2018.

After Junhoe 3DMM submission and presentation, we went to Fab Lab again to try finish everything. So basically we just paint our mechanism, then done. But its come out some inner problems which is the rotation 3D support model. It's still not strong support yet, so we need to create the 3D support model again, and also fixing some of the button that is a bit hard to whack, and also paint the mechanism. 

So we went out to buy the paint, to paint, and we decided to use Red, Blue, Yellow, and a brick style of painting. To make it look more Malaysia. Based on the research, malaysia's kuala lumpur there are many places, malaysian artist like to paint on a brick wall as a mural. after working very late, we let the soemthing dry, then we paint the second layer to make overall look nicer, but we plan to paint it another day which is the next day, because the painting is still not dry yet.

In the end of the day because of the 3D printer have some problem the rotation support got some problems, we have to print it again. So we also will print it but get it the next day, because its already 9pm, we got locked. We have to faster run out of the lab. 

Wednesday  :: 19th December, 2018.

We start rearranging the cable inside, and some of the cable is too long and we need to cut shorter and soldering again. After that, we rearrange the cable inside, because we scare if the things it’s too messy, it will have problems in the future. So after that, we colour the texture for the mechanism. The texture we gonna colour is bricks style. Making it look like Malaysia style more. We are going to stay overnight here to finish up everything.