Week 5

A project log for Urbanscapes DI assignment (LeongYuEr, LeeSoonYao)

Design an interactive experiential exhibit for Creative Arts segment of an annual local event called Urbanscapes

Yuer LeongYuer Leong 12/19/2018 at 18:200 Comments

Monday (15th October 2018)

Wednesday (17th October 2018)

Thursday (18th October 2018)




- People of KL are lacking the need of interactions even when they are so close.

- The technology actually makes people far apart.


- Creating a installation for users to experience how more people can actually make a changes and also make users have a sense of connection.

Target Audience

- People with less sense of belonging.

- Age around 15 -30


- Remind everyone that you are important to the society too.

- Encourage people to interact with others.

Core Message

- Even a minor interaction can deepened the connection between people also.