Finishing up DIYTIL305 1/2

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DIY replica of TIL305 5x7 matrix display.

MileMile 03/27/2019 at 23:422 Comments

This is first of two final project logs to conclude this project. This log deals with redesign, assembly and testing of DIYTIL305 boards. Finished boards are shown later in the log. Second log will describe problems and things I learned working on this project.

After making first version of DIYTIL305 (previous project log) I needed easy way to test those boards after assembly. Solution was "TIL305 Test board". Since I needed to order PCBs for different projects from fab house, I designed this test board to make life easier. Image shows original TIL305 displays being tested.

Then I redesigned DIYTIL305 PCB to make assembly process easier (bigger led pads, adjusted solder paste expansion) and tweaked dimensions to mimic the original.

Next up was assembly itself. First I made one display with red leds to see if changes to the new design are good. Success! First board passed the test with all leds soldered correctly. That meant I could move to other boards(colour variations).

0201 leds are only available in red, green, white, blue, orange and yellow colours. I used all colours except yellow because it is not that much different from orange. White leds were hardest to place because they don't have transparent case, so they can't be visually inspected for correct orientation.

Before proceeding to glueing displays together I cleaned PCBs of dust and flux residues using isopropyl alcohol and kimwipes.

Polycarbonate filters(CR-39) were used as display covers. They were glued using 3M VHB 4910 double sided tape. Transparent, acrylic foam tapes are used where clear attachment of two materials is needed and therefore are ideal for this application.

Glueing display covers was straightforward, but since I didn't have access to laser cutter I cut them by hand using box cutting knife(scoring and snap method). They aren't the prettiest, but for a few prototypes they are good enough.

I made six displays in total. Now I just need project to use them on. Any suggestions?


Benji Greig wrote 3 days ago point

Love it. First project? An early calculator replica or an analogue of a pager? A Slack pager?

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