A project log for T962A Controller with 5"/7" Touch TFT (*STM32*)

T962A Controller Drop-In (using *STM32H7*) This is a drop-in replacement controller board for the T962A reflow oven, using the STM32H7

PhillyFlyersPhillyFlyers 07/22/2019 at 10:290 Comments

Alright, got the WiFi module added into the design, wired one up to my current board, and got it working, using a free GPIO pin to control the enable of the module, so we can have a checkbox in the settings GUI to enable/disable the entire module.

Pretty sweet being able to do wifi and/or bluetooth, using a $3.80 part.

First thing I'm going to get working for this, is to have the wifi settings page working with the module, so you can set your personal wifi settings, so the module can talk to your access point.. also allowing custom settings of IP or use DHCP.