A project log for T962A Controller with 5"/7" Touch TFT (*STM32*)

T962A Controller Drop-In (using *STM32H7*) This is a drop-in replacement controller board for the T962A reflow oven, using the STM32H7

PhillyFlyersPhillyFlyers 08/18/2019 at 23:550 Comments

Added an initial 'USER GUIDE', it's far from being complete, but wanted to get something going so you all can get a better idea of what these menus look like, etc.

I currently don't have any easy way to export the actual screen contents from the board to my debug PC, so I can show the screens without having to take pictures of them with my phone camera!  but for now it is good enough.... they do look much nicer on the screen then these camera phone pictures show :)