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A project log for My Kid Night Light

A custom and very easy to build Night Light for kids. Using only standard modules / stuff, and off course an ESP8266

emmanuel-lecomteEmmanuel Lecomte 10/11/2018 at 16:080 Comments

Why this project ? One of my girls is asking for a Night Light, more to be able to light up the room at demand.

So, to have a little fun with this, I will do :

The night light will be, basically, a standard desk lamp. But it will use 7 RGB Led, to add more fun in the light ambiance. I don't need here a lot of lighting power, so the standard Wemos D1 Mini RGB Shield will be OK.

I have everything I need to start it, except time, so I will update this project page once I will have completed everything. Once again the longest part will be the "mecanical" stuff : merging things together in a way that is safe and do what I want :-)