NAND Flash Building Block v1

A project log for Journey SBC

My educational journey into the development of a single board computer.

Kevin NeubauerKevin Neubauer 11/25/2018 at 04:200 Comments

I thought I would have no way of building a standalone peripheral PCB for testing out the NAND flash chip I wanted to use. I had no CPU & RAM mainboard yet and no other interface chips to work with the raw flash. Then it hit me. At the Hackaday Supercon this year, I took an FPGA workshop that was led by @Piotr Esden-Tempski. It was called "WTFPGA?" and I would highly recommend it if you want an into into FPGA technology. I looked around for existing OSHW designs to use (because why reinvent the wheel?) and lucked out. A company called Waveshare produces a (mostly) OSHW FPGA NAND interface board. They publish the schematic and pictures of the board, but I could not find board layout files. However, I am confident that with the schema and pictures, I could reproduce what I need for my flash chip.

After drawing up my own schematic, I set to work on the board layout. This board should allow me to test out my NAND, and after I'm done with it, I will be left with an added bonus. I will have a NAND module to play with for my new FPGA setup.

Four layer board stack-up: