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A project log for Self-Driving Power Wheels Car

Retrofitting (and overhauling) a Power Wheels car to make it self-driving.

wdpemblewdpemble 12/07/2018 at 20:310 Comments

At this point, we have spent a significant amount of time searching for and choosing the specific parts we will need for the remainder of the project. Currently, our main focus is constructing a new aluminum chassis to replace the one that is currently part of the Power Wheels vehicle. This will increase greatly increase the durability of our vehicle so that is able to support the weight of an average adult. Recently, we removed the original wheels from the vehicle and are preparing to detach the plastic shell from the rest of the vehicle. The raw materials for chassis construction have been ordered as well. Chassis construction is the next task at hand and we will begin that as soon as our materials have arrived. Once the chassis is completed we will attach the plastic shell to it to maintain the original look of the vehicle.