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Cellphones have so many useful bits: it's a shame that they're hard to us in projects. Let's fix that!

Elliot WilliamsElliot Williams 10/19/2018 at 15:140 Comments

[jonsmirl] and others suggested AoA -- which mostly seems to be an Android-side API to interface with USB devices.  Not a bad idea, but what do we use for hardware?

Well, there's the official dev kit which doesn't exist anymore.  Google/Android now wants you to tether the phone to a Raspberry Pi.  LOL, thanks.  The whole point of a cellphone/hardware interface was replacing the Pi.

Arduino made an ADK board for a while.  Looks to be discontinued.

It looks like you can still get the IOIO board from Sparkfun, so that's good news.  It's $40.  Bummer.

So DIY? It looks like AOA needs a USB host attached to it.  So you'd better like coding up USB host firmware.  (I don't.)

I haven't looked hard enough into AOA -- If I'm missing something here, please let me know!