New Clock with Custom PCB working!

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Basic Wall Clock using Neopixels, and Arduino Mega and a RTC breakout pcb.

ShaneShane 02/05/2020 at 04:090 Comments

Finally I got the first build using the new custom PCB put together and running.  I was able to use a handheld router to cut the grooves for the LED rings, and the pocket for the PCB.  I did a light stain on it, with a clear coat to protect the finish.  I used two small #2 x 3.8" wood screws to secure the PCB to the clock.  The power cable is not secured, but I routed a S curve on the back to guide it, it is not quite deep enough and the power cable is mounted a bit high so i think I will find some thing to clamp the cable down. 

I've had it running for a few days now, the time seems to be keeping well.  It does remember the time when unplugged so i think the RTC/battery is working well.  The HRS and MIN adjustments work fine.    The next one I build i will include a connector on the LED wires.  The overall clock looks much better and is easier to build than the first that used Arduino PCBs and breakout PCBs.