WiFi Connection to a Raspberry Pi

Get the Raspberry Pi into a WiFi network without using the Console - just use your phone with the BerryLan App

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BerryLan is a software tool for RaspberryPi entry level fans. It's a tool that gives you a "headless" Raspberry Pi.

By default, the Raspberry Pi is used like a computer, where you need a keyboard, mouse and monitor and in order to connect to the internet, you would also (initially) need an Ethernet Cable. BerryLan removes those necessities by connecting to the Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth and establishes a connection to your WiFi Network in 3 easy steps.

work in progress

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1 × 5V micro-USB Power Supply
  • 1 × micro-SD Card 4GB
  • 1 × iOS or Android Smartphone

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    Video Instructional
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    Flashing the SD Card

    By default, the Raspbian image you get from Raspberry Pi is not meant for such method of connection. The way we managed to do that is by simply getting the latest Raspbian (the operating system of Raspberry Pi) release and we modify it a little bit - adding our network manager. You can check the exact modification we do on our github account here.

    In order for BerryLan to do it's job, you would need to flash our modified Raspbian image to your SD Card. We advise you to use You can download the image from our website.

    Insert the SD Card in your computer and open Etcher. After that, select our image (as shown in picture 1), select your SD Card, and then press the "Flash!" button. It should take around 5 minutes for the flash to complete.

    You can put your SD Card back into your Raspberry Pi and plug the power cord back in.

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    Get BerryLan

    BerryLan is available for all iOS (10.0.0 or later) and Android (4.1 Jellybean or later) devices.

    You can either search for "BerryLan" in the iOS App Store or Google PlayStore, or just grab the links from here:

    App Store: Get BerryLan for iOS

    PlayStore: Get BerryLan for Android

    The app is completely (and will always be) free and open source.

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